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Ziwi Half Venison Shank Chew

Ziwi Half Venison Shank Chew

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This Deer Shank Bone Half is sourced directly from New Zealand deer, raised on grass-fed farms. The shank bone is full of nutrients. It has been prepared via natural air-drying so it retains its nutrition and goodness but is adequately shelf preserved. These delicious pieces are long-lasting and excellent for oral health, as your dog will spend time chewing on the firm surface, scraping off harmful plaque and tartar.

  • Half deer shank bone, wrapped in beef oesophagus and prepared with no added preservatives or flavours
  • Sourced from grass-fed New Zealand deer
  • Naturally air dried to maintain goodness
  • Excellent for dental health

Intended as a treat, not for use as a sole diet. Appropriate for dogs of any age, but due to firm texture not recommended for puppies who still have their puppy teeth.