• Family Run Business

    A local family-oriented business offering the support they would want to other furry families in Sydney.

  • Experience Focussed

    A selective recruitment process to create a team of seasoned trainers, professional groomers, dog walkers, and dog-loving experts. A wealth of knowledge under one roof.

  • Safe Environment

    A healthy and clean play area combined with unparalleled supervision.

  • Superior Quality

    Professional grooming products, a custom air-conditioned Doggie Van, a creative and colourful playground, unique Doggie Birthday Parties…

Our family business started as Fitness Dogs & Dog’s Backyard and quickly grew into a well-known and trusted Australian brand.

The Dog’s Group Pty expanded to include Dogs in Town, and continues to grow to provide the best premium dog services around.

With over 5 million dogs in Australia, we noticed there were irregular standards of quality for the care of these furry individuals.

Dog paw-rents were tired of searching for programs that would give quality exercise and the opportunity to socialise with other friendly pups.

No one was providing services that focused on the different activity levels of individual dogs. Our dogs – your dogs – deserved more.

Something needed to change.

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