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ZEEZ Disposable Dog Diapers

ZEEZ Disposable Dog Diapers

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ZEEZ® Disposable Diapers are to help with females in heat, excitable urination & protection against accidents. They are breathable, super absorbent & leak-proof Available in a 12 pack. NOTE: ZEEZ® Disposable Diapers and their packaging are recyclable!


Extra Small (Young Puppies, Toys Breeds): Waist 28cm-40cm, Length 35cm

Small (Maltese, Jack Rusell): Waist 32cm-48cm, Length 44cm

Medium (Border Collie, Beagle): Waist 35cm-52cm, Length 48cm 

Large Doberman, Golden Retriever): Waist 38cm-56cm, Length 60cm

Extra Large (Labrador, Rottweiler): Waist 40cm-58cm, Length 66cm