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United Pets A.U.T.O. Pet Carrier Blue/Grey

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Let your pet em-bark on new journeys with The United Pets A.U.T.O. Pet Carrier which is a stylish designer pet carrier suitable for transporting small dogs, cats, rabbits and other such animals. It is a sturdy pet crate made from durable polypropylene with an aluminium door that is both lightweight and tough to give you maximum peace of mind that your pet is safe and secure whilst travelling. Travel Anywhere- This durable pet carrier is suitable for all types of travel including airline cabin transportation. Quality Guaranteed- Made from high-quality durable polypropylene making it robust for those pets and owners who love to travel. Safe and Secure- 100% aluminium door to ensure your pet is safely locked in. It is also compatible with seat belts with an additional safety belt attachment. Comfortable- Comfortable removable plush inner cushion to keep your pet relaxed and com-fur-table while on route. Size Guide: 37 x 51 h 33 cm