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STAN Senior Dog Bed in Linen / Grey Marle

STAN Senior Dog Bed in Linen / Grey Marle

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My dog seems to be very comfortable on her new bed. I highly recommend for older dogs especially those with arthritis.

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The SENIOR BED is designed for ageing bodies and those canines experiencing early onset arthritis and other types of degenerative disease. Two layers of patented therapeutic fibres assist in the relief of muscle and joint pain and discomfort. The top layer consists of shorter fibres that offer more 'spring' in the mattress and assist the dog transition from laying down to standing up, taking pressure off leg joints. 

Our patented design encourages blood circulation to area of the body pressing into the mattress. This blood flow brings healing nutrients and minerals that decrease inflammation and support healing. Older canines benefit from the thermoregulating properties of the mattress and this can be further enhanced by the external bed covers in Linen or Hemp. 

The bed is designed to cushion the bonier frame of older dogs who lose body condition, yet still offer the necessary skeletal support all dogs require.  

Void of off-gassing chemicals such as flame retardant and formaldehyde, the Senior Bed offers a safe, clean, soothing environment for ageing dogs, healing dogs and those dogs experience inflammation from injury or disease.


Our OEKO Eco 100% Linen Covers are not your usual pet bed cover. However, the benefits of linen really make it an essential addition to a pets sleeping environment.

All textiles have a frequency which can benefit the users health or hinder it. Linen has the highest frequency signature of all fabrics, equal only to wool. This frequency of 5000 sends out a vibration that helps support internal healing. It protects from EMF (Wifi radiation), helps stimulate blood circulation and encourages relaxation. In fact it is proven that sleeping on linen ensures a deeper and more restful sleep.

Naturally antibacterial, anti fungal and hypoallergenic. Linen is thermoregulating, anti-static and is naturally insulating, meaning it is cool in summer and warm in winter, without causing the dog to overheat.

Our Linen is sourced from Europe and comes with an OEKO Certification.


MEDIUM 80cm X 60cm X 14cm

LARGE 100cm x 80cm x 14cm

XL 110cm x 80cm x 14cm