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STAN Royale Dog Bed in Organic Cotton Drill / Charcoal

STAN Royale Dog Bed in Organic Cotton Drill / Charcoal

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The ROYALE DOG Bed combines the best features and benefits of our entire range. Designed to support larger breeds and canines from 30kg to 100kgs. Our largest bed at 18cm high accommodates and supports the heavier breeds who generally see muscles and joints age faster.

Thermoregulating mattress to assist core body temperature and prevent joint stiffness

A bottom layer of very dense 10cm thick thermal ensures orthopaedic support and bed stability. A second thick softer 9cm layer provides the therapeutic relief and unrivalled comfort to the body. Combined, these two layers of patented therapeutic fires create a species-appropriate temperature offering relief from muscle and joint stress.

Our patented design encourages blood circulation to areas of the body pressing into the mattress which is very necessary for the larger/giant breeds whose weight bearing joints carry a heavier load from a younger age. This blood flow brings healing nutrients and minerals decreasing inflammation and supports faster healing.


Our Organic GOTS Certified 320gsm Cotton Drill is an ideal bed cover for younger dogs or those dogs who like to 'dig' before settling down to rest. Hardwearing and durable, this 100% cotton drill is strong and very safe for pets.

Easy care, simply throw in the wash when needed and line dry or tumble on warm setting.

Great for dogs with thick coats who shed their magical fibres with enthusiasm. A vaccum will remove hair and dirt easily.

ACTIVE DOG Bed Covers are velcro'd along the back of the cover to allow easy removal. Close the velcro before washing to protect velcro from hair attaching (it's a bugger to remove!).

Textile Frequency signature - 100


120cm x 80cm x 18cm