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Rogz Utility Control Lead / DayGlo

Rogz Utility Control Lead / DayGlo

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Rogz Utility Control Leads are recommended for behaviour correction and training. A soft neoprene handle and shock-absorbing webbing reduces strain on you and your dog to help prevent injury. For close control, the ShocLoc control feature allows you to lock out the shock-absorbing webbing. Waste bag and accessory holders are convenient and a SnapLoc trigger hook enables easy attachment and safety.

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Product features

Reflective Stitching

Reflective yarn is woven into the webbing for nighttime visibility.

ShockLoc TM Control

Designed to Lockout the absorbing function of the bungee.

Waste Bag Holder

Accessory to hold your waste bag.

Shock Absorbing Webbing

Eases the pull strength placed on you and your dog.

SnapLocTM Trigger Hook

Lockable Trigger Hook to ensure control & safety.