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PRIME100 SPD™ Prime Cut Treats 100g

PRIME100 SPD™ Prime Cut Treats 100g

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NEW | Our Australian, real meat protein SPD™ Prime Cut Treats are made locally with the same care and attention as our entire range of Functional Protein Diets. All natural ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or additives. Feed as a treat or reward - Simply delicious!

These treats can also be fed in conjunction with the Spd Range as part of an elimination diet or food trial.

Our 'ingredients with purpose' deliver functional, nutritious and tasty diets every time. Scientifically formulated, using hand-picked proteins and ingredients, we carefully move our diets through innovative preparation, cooking, and packaging methods. At each and every stage we strive to capture and preserve the very best nutrition, function and taste for you and your pet.