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Outback Tails Martingale Collar - Ngama

Outback Tails Martingale Collar - Ngama

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Graces with Indigenous artwork by Patricia Nakamarra Oldfield of the Warlukurlangu Artist Aboriginal Corporation, 10% of sales go back to the artist. 

Designed for greyhound and sighthound breeds, these martingale collars help control your dog on a walk without causing stress on their delicate necks.
Graced with the Indigenous artwork - Ngama by Patricia Nakamarra Oldfield with 10% of sales going directly back to the artist.

Our collars are made from cotton canvas that has been wrapped around nylon webbing and come in 4 sizes. Please measure up your dogs neck to ensure you choose the right size for your dog: 

Sizing (please measure your dog's neck to choose the right size)

Medium - 36cm to 42cm (4cm wide) - Whippets

Large - 38cm to 46cm (4cm wide) Greyhounds