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Snooza Marble Bowl / Dark Charcoal

Snooza Marble Bowl / Dark Charcoal

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These stunning contemporary style pet bowls are made from natural marble stone and thoughtfully designed to be practical and to complement a modern home. They have a chemical-free natural surface that is safe for your pet and is entirely BPA free & plastic-free. Natural stone is also great for keeping your pet’s water cool and is well-weighted with 10mm thick sturdy walls to prevent tripping and slipping. They're suitable for both food and water and are easy to wash with just warm soapy water.

Available in two stunning colours - Light Grey & Dark Charcoal- you can mix and match the colours and sizes to suit your pet and your home.

Marble is a natural stone and colours and patterns will vary slightly from photography.


Genuine marble stone

BPA free



Product Care

We recommend hand washing with warm soapy water. Avoid abrasive or oil-based cleaners. Dishwasher proof but stone can absorb chemicals from dishwashing powder. Marble is a natural stone. Colours and patterns will vary from photography. Any surface stains can be removed with a paste made from baking powder and warm water, gently scrub the internal surface.


All measurements are in millimetres (mm)

Outside Diameter 170 210
Inside Diameter 140 180
Outside Height 70 90
Inside Depth 50 70