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Ivory Organic Cotton Leash

Ivory Organic Cotton Leash

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A minimalist design with a luxury aesthetic, this Australian made organic cotton rope dog leash is possibly the most comfortable leash you’ll ever own!

Specially designed for those who like keeping it all natural - Organic Australian cotton rope, whipped with industrial twine, and knotted for extra strength. Described by the designer as a labour of love that translates directly to our love of animals.

Crafted using natural materials, this functional dog leash is perfect for caring for your pet and the planet.

About this leash

  • Organic cotton rope - spray free
  • Secured with industrial twine
  • Organic cotton tassel
  • Solid cast brass hardware that keeps your pup safe


1.5 metres (5 feet) in length, 10mm (3/8 inch) width.

Suitable for animals of all sizes.

About our materials

Organic cotton - This is a natural fibre. It is beautiful, soft and will slowly change with wear. Hand wash or place in a garment bag if washing in the machine.

Brass - The hardware on your leash is natural brass which will change and develop patina over time. It will develop a beautiful loved appearance with age and use. Both this, and it's strength is why brass exists on Animals in Charge products.