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Henrieta Dog Toy - Medium

Henrieta Dog Toy - Medium

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Get wild and silly with the Charming Pet Squawkers Henrietta Extreme Squeaky Large Latex Dog Toy!

It’s the original rubber chicken toy for dogs, but with a charming twist! The Charming Pet Squawkers collection features a total of four Squawker family members, and here we have Henrietta, a stylish chicken gal who loves to swim in style! Henrietta loves having a good time, and she sure squawks and squeaks to show it. She loves to flop and dance the day away at the beach or the poolside, so your dog can thrash and shake her around for lots of fun. Made from pet-friendly, all-natural latex, this silly rubber chicken dog toy is made to last and can be used outdoors for fetching and tossing play. Since the rubber material is durable, it can handle more enthusiastic chewing, biting, tugging and more.


  • Classic rubber chicken dog toy featuring goofy and charming chicken characters!
  • Made with durable, flexible all-natural latex material and lead-free paint for pet-safe fun
  • Comes with a squawking squeaker for unique sounds to entice your pet to play
  • Bumpy chicken skin texture that provides extra textures for your dog to enjoy
  • Can help redirect destructive behaviour and keep your dog entertained
  • Floppy form allows for exciting thrashing play for your dog
  • Ideal for medium to large dogs