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Fuzzyard Cooling Vest - Banarama

Fuzzyard Cooling Vest - Banarama

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Do you ever look at your beloved doggo and think I love you, but sometimes I think you are a few bananas short of a bunch? Well, Bananarama is the pawfect print to suit their wacky personality.


FuzzYard cooling Vests are back in a brand new design. Pawfect for pups who want to look cool and feel even cooler. Ideal for the summer months and the warmer weather, these Vests will keep your pup cool, comfy and looking mighty stylish!


Easy to put on and made from lightweight mesh fabric with excellent ventilation, water evaporation, and outside heat resistance. The absorbent cotton filling provides continuous cooling through water evaporation. 


The Cooling Process:

To activate the cooling process, simply wet, wring out and wear! It's as simple as that! The water-retaining fabric provides a refreshing cooling effect through evaporation without the need for any nasty chemicals. This helps to lower your pooch's temperature, making them feel more comfortable.

Adjustable chest straps

Reflective strips to help with night visibility

Lightweight mesh material

Easy to use and put on

Cooling occurs due to water evaporation

Machine washable

Available in refreshingly cool colour poppin' designs 7 sizes!