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Fuzzyard Collar - Yeezy

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You can't go wrong in classic black. Our Yeezy adjustable collar features a subtle cross pattern that'll make any dog look bad-ass. With a sturdy die-cast loop and thick nylon webbing, Yeezy is as tough as it looks. The spongy neoprene collar is lightweight, won't rub on your dogs fur and is quick to dry. Small: 25-38cm (9.8-14.9 inch) / width - 15mm Medium: 32-50cm (12.5-19.6 inch) / width - 20mm Large: 50-65cm (19.6-25.5 inch) / width - 25mm Material: Neoprene with nylon webbing. Plastic buckle/keeper. Stainless Steel attachment ring. Care: We recommend hand washing