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Fit'n' Flash Chicken Biscuits 400g

Fit'n' Flash Chicken Biscuits 400g

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We trust you will find a product that your dog or cat will love.

We don’t add anything to our natural treats – no preservatives, no colours, no flavourings, no nothing! So you can be assured that you will not find any treats more natural than our range. Plus we have had years of experience figuring out what dogs and cats love.

They are a high protein, low fat snack, and great for any size dog or cat, and be assured, no additives, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours are used.

At Fit’n’flash we use only 100% Australian grown, natural human grade ingredients in all out products.

Fit'n'Flash Chicken Biscuits are made with human grade chicken and are suitable for both cats and dogs to eat.

Fit-n-Flash Chicken Biscuits are made with high protein, low fat, 100% Australian chicken. These biscuits have no added salt, no wheat flour, no artificial preservatives.