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EZYDOG Cross Check Training Harness / Pink

EZYDOG Cross Check Training Harness / Pink

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The EzyDog Cross Check Harness is the perfect dog harness for dogs that pull or are in training. Rather than putting pressure on the dog's neck, the Cross Check harness utilises the patent pending girth checking system to alleviate pulling.

We know that dog training can be complex, so we focused on making this dog training harness easy to fit and use. Simply place the front loop over the dog's head, feed the rear webbing around the dog's girth and fasten the plastic buckle. Once fitted, the girth checking system will provide control and comfort for both dog and owner.

Best Escape Proof Dog Harness

The figure 8 configuration ensures that the harness always fits securely around the dog's body and has been tested to be escape proof. This makes the Cross Check the best harness for small, medium and large dogs that have been known to escape from dog harnesses in the past.

The Best Martingale Harness for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

The Cross Check Harness has been designed with all dogs in mind - small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs. It will fit all dog breeds and is suitable for puppy training. The Crosscheck Harness is perfect for new pet owners looking for a harness to assist in their training process.

A Dog Training Harness and a Dog Walking Harness

The multiple leash attachment points allow you to quickly change between standard walking and training whilst on your walk. With a silicone-lined neck section and premium nylon webbing construction, the Cross Check harness has been made with comfort and quality in mind.


  • Girth checking system
  • Dual Stainless Steel D rings
  • Escape Proof
  • Easy fit figure 8 configuration


Black;  Red


XSmall;  Small;  Medium;  Large;  XLarge