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EZYDOG Adjustable Seatbelt

EZYDOG Adjustable Seatbelt

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Road trips can be a blast but not when your dog is climbing all over the passengers. EzyDog Adjustable Car restraint acts effectively as a seat belt for your pups. Simply attach to your dog's harness and 'click' the buckle into the seat belt socket and your dog is restrained in your vehicle.  

EzyDog Adjustable Car Restraint is designed to to keep your pup in one place during journeys, preventing driver distraction. It possesses the same durable and tough webbing materials that car seat belts have.  

This Car Restraint is a must-have equipment for you who enjoy spending time on the road with your dogs. It features Tri Glide Adjustment so it can be used for both small and big dogs. This also means that you can give your dog as much room to move as you wish.  

  • Fully adjustable for different size dogs and flexibility
  • Just Click it and Go!
  • Simple solution to keep your dog in one position while driving
  • Made from strong and durable seat belt webbing
  • Compatible with all EzyDog Harnesses