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DRONTAL Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs & Puppies / 4pk

DRONTAL Allwormer Tablets for Small Dogs & Puppies / 4pk

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Drontal Allwormer® Tablets for Small Dogs & Puppies

Dogs can pick up gastrointestinal worms everywhere and easily share them with you. For protection against roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm, Drontal Allwormer® is your best defense.

Drontal®: the best dog wormer 

Drontal® provides your pet with complete coverage against gastrointestinal worms, as well as controlling the shedding of Giardia spp cysts. Our treatment is required every three months (rather than monthly) and comes in a range of chews, tablets or a puppy suspension to make treating your pet as easy as possible. 

Drontal Dog Allwormer® is suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, as you can halve tablets to match the required dosage. It’s safe to use during pregnancy and lactation to keep worms at bay throughout your dog’s life.

Handy tip! Treat your dog at the start of each season — it’s easier to track when your dog needs its next worming treatment.

Drontal® is the perfect partner for tick and flea treatment and heartworm prevention for complete parasite protection. To keep you and your pet safe from worms, make sure you buy Drontal Dog Allwormer®.


For small dogs and puppies between 500 g and 9 kg.

FOR INTESTINAL WORMS: One tablet for Small Dogs and Puppies treats 3 kg.

It is essential to weigh dogs before treatment.

Fasting prior to dosing is not necessary. Administer the dog’s correct dose by mouth. If worm problems persist, consult a veterinarian.

500 g to 1.5 kg
1/2 a tablet
1.6 kg to 3 kg
1 tablet
3.1 kg to 6 kg
2 tablets
6.1 kg to 9 kg
3 tablets