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DOG by Dr Lisa Crumble 360g Tin

DOG by Dr Lisa Crumble 360g Tin

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Whether you’re teaching them to sit, pose for ‘likes’ or stop peeing on the rug, dogs learn best when you reward good behaviour. But giving them too many treats can lead to weight issues. That’s why we made this Crumble. With delicious plant-based ingredients, it’s designed so that small portions can be used as big rewards. And this stylish tin means you can proudly leave it on display for quick access. We’ll also give you a mini travel tin for you to keep in your car, pocket or bag.


  • All natural plant-based ingredients 
  • Low fat, portion-controlled pieces allows for regular training throughout the day 
  • Australian made 
  • Stylish tin looks great in your home 
  • No stinky residue on your hands 
  • Recommended and used by vets, especially Dr Lisa Chimes 
  • Includes a free pocket-sized travel tin so that you can reward your good dog on adventures too. Just shake the tin and watch them come running!


Open tin and remove small a fragment to use as a yummy treat. Keep on counter so reward can be instant. Use Crumble to reinforce good behaviour and ignore the bad. Remember, it is the act of the reward and the taste, rather than quantity, that is important. All Crumble crumbles differently. If a piece is too big for your dog, use fingers to break it down into smaller sizes.

Store in a cool dry place, keep the container airtight for freshness.


Ingredients -  Brown Rice Flour, Chickpea Flour, Apple, White Chia, Pumpkin Powder, Turmeric, Cinnamon.

What’s not? No synthetic colours, flavours or preservatives.


These are not a complete and balanced diet. Treats should ideally make up less than 10% of the total diet.