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Chuckit! FLYING SQUIRREL Large 28cm

Chuckit! FLYING SQUIRREL Large 28cm

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The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel's aerodynamic shape gives it maximum lift and creates visual excitement as it flies through the air.

This is a perfect fetch toy for dogs who love to fetch frisbees!

Just grab the squirrel by the paw and launch it like you would a frisbee. Your dog will love chasing after this squirrel as it glides through the air! Covered in durable, bright canvas fabric, the Flying Squirrel is gentle on your dog's mouth during fetch and also has glowing paws that help make it visible at night.


The raised sides and durable rubber feet allow it to be picked up easily by dogs. Its rugged nylon construction takes a lot of beating and it will even float on water.


Large 28cm L x 28cm