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Chuckit! FETCH & FOLD 25M Launcher

Chuckit! FETCH & FOLD 25M Launcher

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Chuckit Fetch and Fold Launcher

Sometimes simply throwing the ball across the park for your dog isnt enough...for your dog, at least. You, however, are getting sick of some rather underwhelming tosses. And your arm kind of hurts...

Well, the solution is here! The Chuckit Fetch and Fold Launcher allows you to propel your dogs ball further with minimal effort on your part. It features a folding design that allows you to conveniently store this ball launcher in your bag or back pocket. Simply unfold the launcher and lock it into place with its simple nylon hinge lock. Featuring the same power and throwing distance as a full-length launcher, the Fetch & Fold Launcher comes with a medium premium rubber fetch ball. It really is the perfect launcher for repeat trips to the dog park!

  • Foldable ball launcher
  • Allows you to launch your dogs ball further, using minimal effort!
  • Folds into a convenient smaller size for tansport
  • Easy to use and highly durable

Size Guide:ย 40cm L x 13cm W