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Chuckit! CLASSIC LAUNCHER 26M - 69cm (Medium 6cm Balls)

Chuckit! CLASSIC LAUNCHER 26M - 69cm (Medium 6cm Balls)

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Chuckit toys are so much fun, you’d think they were designed by a focus group comprised of dogs.

As far as we can tell, the design team over at Chuckit are definitely human. But these toys are something else. They’re colourful, built to last - and your dog’s face will light up the moment they see this toy and realise it’s time to play!

The Chuckit Classic Ball Launcher takes fetch to a whole new level. It lets you throw a ball further than ever, using less effort. Your dog will love it! You'll think it's great too, because it's easier on your throwing arm, and you can use the Launcher to pick the ball up too.

  • Comfortable to use, so you can play with your dog longer
  • Includes a tennis ball to get you started!
  • Chuckit Ball Launchers are available in a selection of different lengths. The Chuckit Sport 26M is 69cm long and is ideal for medium-sized dogs
  • The Ball Launcher can be used to retrieve balls from the ground, so you won't get your hands covered in dog drool. It's also better for your back, because you won't need to bend over so far
  • Need a backup ball? No problem - here's our range of Chuckit Medium Balls and Ball Launchers
  • Make sure you take a look at the rest of Chuckit’s range of toys for active dogs!
  • The colour of the Chuckit Classic Ball Launcher you receive may be different to the colour shown above

Size: Medium
Launcher Length:
Approximately 69cm
Ball Diameter: