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BlackDog SIGHT HOUND COLLAR (Neck Adj. 36-46cm)

BlackDog SIGHT HOUND COLLAR (Neck Adj. 36-46cm)

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Sighthound Collars (36 - 46cm)

Blackdog Wear designed and manufactures the Official Collar for most of the Australian Greyhound Adoption Programs and we've used this experience to produce our Sighthound Collar (for Greyhounds, Afghans, Saluki, Borzoi, etc)

Because the head size of most of these breeds is smaller than their neck, keeping a collar securely fitted can pose problems, this design will tighten if a dog tries to slip its collar, while the extra thick webbing and tapered throat pad ensures that your dog's neck and soft hair are protected and supported.

​While this collar is designed specifically for Sighthounds, it may also be used on many soft haired breeds such as Vizslas, GSP's, or Dobermanns, as long as the collar is large enough to be fitted over the dog's head.  An alternative for these dogs would be our Comfy Turtle Neck or Tuffy Collars - wide neck pad, but clips on to fit around the neck on dogs with a larger head.

Measure your dogs neck and use the Sighthound Range (Green) chart below to check sizing: