The Beauty of Grooming For Your Pet Dog

The Beauty of Grooming For Your Pet Dog

One way to boost our confidence is to look good, and sometimes achieving that is to groom ourselves by attending salons, having a haircut in your favorite barber shops and applying beauty products. In this way we can say in front of the mirror that “you look stunning” but have you ever wondered that your dog also needs some pampering time?

No one can resist the cuteness of your dog after having a hair trim/haircut and seeing them in their new look makes you adore them more. You’re too excited to show them to your friends and expose them in public knowing your dog is a head turner. But looking good is not the only reason why you should groom your dog; there are a lot of factors to consider beyond looking cute for a dog; it’s also for their health and comfort. Here are some of the grooming tips that you should follow.


There is no simple answer here. This will largely depend on your dog's breed and, therefore, coat type.

For short-haired dogs, attending a professional grooming 5-6 times a year will do. This type of dog doesn’t usually catch dirt and small debris on their hair and cannot attained tangled hair like other breeds. But, trimming nails and brushing teeth needs to be done more often. If your pet sheds excessively, ask your groomer if they offer low-shed services such as a “blowout” which can help give your pet a thorough brush-out and get rid of extra fur. Again, seek a professional

On the other hand, long-haired dogs need more grooming to help them ease irritation. A haircut every 10-12 weeks is also necessary. Brushing your long-haired dog daily can give you a longer gap between professional grooming visits. If you cannot do this daily, bringing your dog to the groomer more often can maintain your dog's coat health.

Nail Trimming

Dogs use their nails for gripping, but when you see it touching the ground and hear a nail clicking, your dog probably needs nail trimming. Untrimmed nails may cause pain for your dog because the dog's nail pattern forms a curved shape that might dig in to their skin. If this happens, the claws will eventually curve under the dog's paws and dig into the skin, creating pain when they walk. If you’re not confident trimming your dog’s nails, seek a professional groomer.

Brushing teeth

It’s ideal to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day, but brushing three times a week is the minimum recommendation to help remove plaque and prevent tartar. If you’re having a hard time brushing your dog’s teeth, try using a toothpaste with a flavor. Only use toothpaste that is designed with them because using human toothpaste will harm your dog. Human toothpastes contain ingredients that should not be swallowed and might ruin their stomachs.

Finding the best pet grooming

Technically, grooming is a bonding experience that you can give to your dog. Finding the best grooming store that can give a wonderful experience to your dog is hard. You don’t want your dog to mistreat by other people, so you must choose carefully.

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