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Underwater Dogs Slicker Brush

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UNDERWATER DOGS present their professional stainless steel Dematting SLICKER Brush. With ergonomically designed flexible silicone handle and fine stainless steel pins, the UWDOGS Dog Grooming Slicker Brush promises a comfortable, and reliable grooming experience for home use.

Streamlined design, strong and efficient, these beautifully manufactured and packaged tools aid in the removal of matting, tangles or shedding hair (perfect for all coats including double). Whether it’s in between baths, after a romp in the park, OR you're planning bath-time and need to detangle first; one or more of our Underwater Dogs professional dog grooming combs will be the perfect partner.

Team any of our grooming combs with Underwater Dogs Shampoo & Conditioner plus our professional hair relaxant, No-Knots Detangler and your grooming days will become a walk in the park!