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Turkey Necks by the piece

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These are not just any Turkey Necks, these are Silly Mummy Turkey Necks. You know what that means right? No? Okay I’ll explain. 

Silly Mummy Turkey Necks are hand-prepared, marinated in secret-sauce for over 12 hours, air-dried for just the right amount of time and then carefully placed into their baggies ready for your fur-baby to devour! 

Now you know what Silly Mummy Turkey Necks are. But you won’t know how amazing they taste until you watch your pooch chow down on them!* Well.. you’ll get the idea...

Turkey Necks are a rich source of protein. Naturally high in chondroitin & glucosamine, which supports healthy joints and mobility, they are a a great addition to any dogs diet! 

Additionally, they're great for your dog's dental hygiene. As they gnaw away and enjoy themselves, they're also cleaning their teeth! 

There are no ingredients in any Silly Mummy product that are unsafe for humans or dogs, however our products are made for dogs and are dog-treats so we do not recommend human consumption.

Ingredients: Turkey Necks, Hemp Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Rosemary.

Pro-Tip: Our marinade is a natural preservative so store our treats in a cool dark place and keep them air-tight! They will stay fresh for at least 6 months.