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Chill Out

Certain situations can be very stressful on dogs and cats, leading to an anxious and often unrecognisable pet. Whether it be traveling, vetting, showing or thunderstorms, ChillOut is your pet’s stress relieving solution, promoting relaxation, without drowsiness. Your furry friends are still the pets you know and love, just calmer, happier and stress free!

Plaque Away

Love your pet but not their breath? PlaqueAway is the natural way to reduce oral plaque, calculus and that dreaded ‘pet breath’ whilst keeping your pet’s teeth and gums healthy and clean. Made from a specially selected seaweed harvested from the pristine waters of northern Norway, PlaqueAway contains no additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar or fillers. Used as a preventative daily treatment, PlaqueAway will greatly reduce the risk of periodontal disease which affects 80% of mature dogs and cats.

Comfy Coat

ComfyCoat will have your cat or dog looking and feeling like they have just been to the hairdresser - every day. Rosehip and flaxseed meal are the two main ingredients and they work collectively to ensure your pet’s coat looks and feels amazing. Perfect for dogs and cats with skin allergies or irritations.

Joint Power

JointPower is a high strength, multi action, joint mobiliser that reduces pain in dogs and cats with osteoarthritis and other joint issues. Containing glucosamine and chondroitin, this total joint repair system will have your pet bouncing for joy in no time. 

Multi Plus

MultiPlus naturally improves your pet’s health and boosts their immunity with key vitamins and minerals in one easy daily dose. In the same way we need a daily multivitamin to improve our overall health and wellbeing, so do our pets. MultiPlus boosts immunity and improves overall wellness.

Senior Daily

Similar to humans, our pet’s immune system weakens and their general health deteriorates as they age. SeniorDaily is the perfect natural immunity booster to give your pet back that bounce in their step. Also suitable for stressed, debilitated, injured or sick dogs and cats. 

Vitamin C is the active ingredient in SeniorDaily. It works as an antioxidant, protecting our pet’s organs, tissues and boosting immunity.

Allergy Shield

Just like humans, animals can develop allergies and experience inflammation, particularly of skin and in their joints, but also other organ systems. AllergyShield is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system and protects cats and dogs from allergies whilst calming inflammation.

Active Joints

ActiveJoints is a premium, multi action supplement that works to relieve daily joint pain and inflammation due to osteoarthritis, and to improve overall mobility. Osteoarthritis is an inflammatory disease in which cartilage breakdown exceeds cartilage synthesis, resulting in a progressive and permanent break down of cartilage in joints. Get your pets active again with ActiveJoints.