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Thunderwunders Calming Chews

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Thunderstorms, travelling, vet, visits… there’s a lot of situations out there that can leave your dog feeling stressed and out of their depth. Help them feel calm and at ease with Thunder Wonder K9 Calm Chews. 


A delicious, chewable tablet that dogs enjoy for easy dosing, these tasty chews contain L-tryptophan and thiamine to help promote calmness and a sense of wellbeing for your dog. This can aid dogs in adapting to a range of unfamiliar or stressful situations where they may be left feel anxious and frightened. 


  • Delicious chewable tablet for dogs 
  • Contains L-tryptophan and thiamine 
  • Promotes a feeling of calm 
  • Helps dogs adapt to stressful or uncertain situations and environments
  • 125g