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Sporn Ultimate Marrow Chew

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Reduce your dog's chances of poor oral hygiene with Sporn® Durable Marrow™ Chews. The only chewable nylon bones with a jerky flavoured centre! Perfect for strong chewers, nylon shavings act like a toothbrush and help remove tartar from the dog’s teeth. They are made with non-toxic nylon and rubber making them perfectly safe for consumption. Unlike traditional rawhide bones, this bone will last! Promotes Oral Hygiene- The texture of the bone helps clean teeth and gums and assists with tartar control. Non-Toxic- Made from non-toxic nylon and rubber making them safe for consumption. Long-lasting- Extremely tough for aggressive chewers! Full of Flavour- Filled with jerky flavour right down the middle. Perfect for keeping your dog's taste buds satisfied.