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Probiotic for Dogs is a multi-strain, 100% natural and certified organic powder designed to maintain good digestive health in dogs.

It is put through a natural, organic fermentation process to create a highly nutritious Probiotic supplement.

This all natural digestive supplement is designed to regulate your dog's gut health and rid them of stomach discomfort.

Help your dog feel good inside and out by adding our Probiotic to their morning meal, (also suitable for those on a grain free diet). 


SENSITIVE TUMMIES: Featuring a blend of prebiotics and probiotics this digestive supplement uses ingredients known to help with paw licking and scratching, gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea in dogs, indigestion and stomach discomfort. 

ALLERGIES + INFECTIONS: Our unique blend of ingredients helps to reduce internal inflammation associated with allergies such as food or seasonal changes. Probiotic for Dogs aims to restore your dog’s gut health back to normal function so that allergies and dog ear or yeast infections are kept to a minimum.

ORAL HEALTH: By eliminating bad bacteria related to oral health, this Australian Probiotic dog supplement will help to transform your dog's bad breath into a fresh and healthy mouth. Asking "how do I treat my dog's bad breath?" will be a thing of the past!

ANTIBIOTIC SIDE EFFECTS: Antibiotics don’t discriminate between good or bad bacteria. Probiotic for Dogs helps to retain good bacteria that has been destroyed by antibiotics. This is something that a dog’s body cannot do alone.

100% NATURAL AND CERTIFIED ORGANIC: No artificial flavours or colours, dairy, GMOs, preservatives or fillers. Our Australian made, powerful formula is for all ages, breeds and sizes.