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K9 Rawsome 1kg/750g

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Longhorn Tide

Blue mussels naturally contain glucosamine and chondroitin ideal for joint health. A superior formula with specific targeting on the longevity and wellbeing of pooches. Rich in Omega Fatty Acids that is not found in any other marine or plant life. Natural anti-inflammatory. No corn, no starchy vegetables


This single protein formula (except for salmon broth) of chicken has been formulated to support strong and healthy bones. The chicken and salmon bone broth acts as a support immune builder and providing superior joint supplement and natural de-wormer. Power packed by spinach containing large amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and K. It also contains iron, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and roughage, which stimulate the digestive tract.

Spice it Up

Anti-inflammatory benefits. May be beneficial for arthritis and may help with cancer (Arthritis is the result of inflammation and turmeric can decrease inflammation in the body, better than conventional medications). Ideal for young puppies experiencing hip dysplasia problems or ligament issues. Ideal for all dogs that are needing a power punch of a health boost. Digestive help – it can be an effective treatment for many stomach conditions including discomfort, bloating, appetite loss, nausea and gas.

Puppy Pro

Lamb is an excellent source of high-quality protein and essential amino acids, which are vital nutrients for your puppy and being that it is red meat it is a great source of iron. Protein is critical to build, heal and maintain body tissues and to protect and regulate body processes (e.g., immune function).  Lamb has an abundance amount of zinc, an excellent source of Omega 3. Puppy Pro Growth  is specifically for puppies from 5 weeks of age. Containing a small portion of fruit and enough fat, vitamins and antioxidants to form a perfect composition for puppies. Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids boasting a bounty of goodness.


Duck meat is an allergy-friendly alternative for dogs that are food sensitive to chicken or beef. Turkey is low in calories and high in Selenium and Tryptophan both of which benefit the immune system. Dogs that suffer from  allergies (usually manifesting as a chronic itch) are usually switched  to less common protein sources in the hope of eliminating the allergen. Duck meat (as well as lamb, bison) is a very good alternative for this strategy; however, it is extremely important that pet owners find trustworthy, uncontaminated source of duck or other non-allergic protein which offcourse you have come to right place where we have Quality Stock Control - always fresh produce at K9 Rawsome.

Biologically Beef

Biologically Beef is a Single Meat protein formula ideal for boosting the immune system and helping fight off diseases and bacteria. Promotes the increase of antibodies and white body cells. Helps your pets digestive system, absorbing all the wonderful nutrients this formula provides. 

  1. Can help to prevent and ease allergy symptoms.
  2. May help reduce the rate of cancer. 

 Acts as a detoxifier and ideal for pets that suffer seasonal allergies.


This  blend of  complete nutrition is highly digestible using human grade proteins and fresh ingredients. High protein with moderate fat. Unlike many commercial diets in Australia, this formation excels in providing proper nutrients and antioxidants together with selenium, which is important for maintaining the stability of cell membranes. Protecting cells from the potentially damaging effects of toxic oxygen radicals. Contains duck, venison, and lamb which are highly digestible, relative to conventional dry or canned commercial pet foods; this will promote nutrient absorption.

Ocean Downunder

SUITABLE FOR ALL LIFE STAGES - Limited Ingredients. NO EGG added for dogs who may be allergic. Packed with antioxidants.

  • ideal for blood circulation
  • acts as a detoxifier
  • Ideal for the skin and coat
  •  Ideal for dogs with allergies (even severe allergies)
  • acts as an anti-inflammatory
  • ideal for the brain – making it a perfect item for growing/developing puppies and senior dogs too