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Doggie Tea Dog Supplement - Calm Me Blend

Doggie Tea Dog Supplement - Calm Me Blend

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Keep your dog calm and relaxed with the Doggie Tea Calm Me Blend!

Try something new for your pet’s anxiety with the Doggie Tea Calm Me Blend! This herbal tea blend for dogs features chamomile, which is known as nature’s own relaxation herb. Made with all certified organic ingredients, this natural loose leaf tea blend can be sprinkled on to your dog’s food or brewed into a refreshing tea for your pet to enjoy!

About Laila and Me’s Doggie Tea: Doggie Tea is a brand created by Australian-owned small business, Laila & Me. Doggie Tea is a line of certified organic loose leaf tea blends for dogs that target various benefits, such as calming or resolving bad breath. Offering 100% natural and delicious pet treats, Laila and Me was founded in 2015 and brings healthy, hypoallergenic treats for pet owners with cats and dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. Laila and Me focuses on treats that help manage weight, promote healthy gut and digestion, enhance skin and fur coat condition, and more.


  • Certified organic calming herbal tea specifically blended for dogs made with pet-safe ingredients
  • Helps relieve your dog’s anxiety and keeps them relaxed
  • Can be used in a variety of recipes, from popsicles to frozen tea
  • Safe to sprinkle on your dog’s food for extra supplement and calming effects
  • Blended and packaged in Australia

Size: 30g of loose leaf tea (about 25 cups)

Help your dog stay calm and relaxed with Doggie Tea Calm Me Blend!