Notes for the Pawrents

Some dogs with heavy matting & knots close to the skin are very difficult to have clipped without leaving any length left on their coat.

This is due to the discomfort matting causes to your pets. We are left with only one option, that is, to remove the entire coat below these matts. This is not a pleasant experience for your pet.

  • Matting can cause severe skin irritations that you may be completely unaware of.  Matts will remain very damp underneath if the dog becomes wet & not completely drying your dog off after a bath will also add to these problems.
  • We recommend regular grooming visits and brushing at home to avoid this recurring in the future.
  • We can discuss an appropriate grooming regime & the correct brushes that will suit your dogs needs.
  • Additional fees will be added to our grooming prices due to the time it takes to remove these problem areas